LifeBEAM Unveils Hat and Visor with Biometric Sensors

LifeBEAM HatIsraeli biometric technology developer LifeBEAM has announced a new couple of new pieces of wearable tech. The LifeBEAM Hat and the LifeBEAM Visor are Bluetooth-equipped fitness-trackers that measure calorie consumption, heart rate, and body cadence.

The products are notable for the extent of rigorous testing they’ve been put through and for the quality of the technology involved, which the company says is the same as the tech “used by fighter pilots, astronauts and special forces units.”

The headwear was tested by athletes in the New York City Marathon and the London Marathon, the Berlin Wall Race, and on the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc 2014.

The products are part of a growing industry of wearable tech that is very much intertwined with biometric technology. Large companies like Microsoft already have fitness-tracking wristbands on the market, while startups like Montreal-based OMsignal are developing washable shirts that feature embedded biometric sensors.