My Lockey USB Dongles Feature Synaptics’ Natural ID Fingerprint Sensors

PQI Group’s latest My Lockey USB dongles feature Synaptics’ Natural ID fingerprint sensors, Synaptics has announced.

My Lockey USB Dongles Feature Synaptics' Natural ID Fingerprint SensorsThe devices are designed to enable biometric authentication for user of Windows 10. While Microsoft’s latest operating system features built-in support for biometric authentication via the Windows Hello security platform, and a growing number of laptops and PCs themselves feature embedded sensors to take advantage of it, there are still many devices that can’t take advantage of such security out of the box. Like the USB dongles offered by BIO-key, the My Lockey line is enables fingerprint-based authentication by letting user plug a fingerprint reader into a computer’s USB port.

In a statement, PQI Product Division Special Assistant KC Tu asserted that “fingerprint biometric ID is the simplest and yet complex protection mechanism one can have to safeguard their data,” and lauded Natural ID’s “special Synaptics features including unique algorithms to protect against forgery and unauthorized data access.”

The My Lockey integration announcement arrives in the same week of the news that Acer’s latest convertible laptop is also using Synaptics’ Natural ID fingerprint sensor.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)