Smart Cars, AI, Biometrics to Be Major Themes at CES 2018

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is about to get underway, and some of its key themes are already clear.

Smart Cars, AI, Biometrics to Be Major Themes at CES 2018Some of that clarity comes from new dedicated programming areas, and perhaps the least surprising among these is one focused on artificial intelligence. With AI playing a growing role across a range of technological areas, from biometric identification to autonomous driving, a number of major companies have stepped up their R&D in this area, and that boom is going to be reflected at CES. Other new dedicated areas are focused on smart cities, high-tech retail, and sports technology.

Other thematic areas are returning on a wave of growing interest. Digital money remains an exciting frontier, and connected and smart car technologies continue to evolve as information technologies – yes, including AI and biometrics – continue to converge with the automotive sector.

Meanwhile, Eureka Park keeps growing on the fuel of tech innovation, with this year’s event to see 900 startups from 42 countries showcasing their solutions.

CES will run from January 9th to 12th in Las Vegas.