Meitu M6 Features FPC1035 Fingerprint Sensor

A relatively new smartphone company has integrated Fingerprint Cards biometric technology into a newly-launched device. Called the Meitu M6, the device features an FPC1035 fingerprint sensor.

Meitu M6 Features FPC1035 Fingerprint SensorWhile the Meitu M6’s major selling point is its photo-taking capability, since the device features 21MP camera on both front and back, it also comes with support for WeChat Pay and Alipay, two of China’s biggest mPayment platforms, out of the box. (It’s currently only available in China.) Its fingerprint sensor is also something of a special feature, this being Meitu’s first smartphone to feature one; but given its upper-middle-range price point, many consumers will probably see the fingerprint sensor as more of a standard feature at this point.

The M6’s FPC1035 sensor is very likely running Precise Biometrics algorithm software. In a statement issued the same day as one from FPC announcing its sensor integration, Precise Biometrics announced that its Precise BioMatch Mobile technology “has through cooperation with Fingerprint Cards been integrated in a smartphone from a new Chinese vendor.”

While Fingerprint Cards has been exploring other markets for its fingerprint sensor technology beyond smartphones, and Precise Biometrics has been signing licensing agreements with various other hardware partners, the two companies’ longstanding alliance is clearly continuing to pay off as their technologies are used together in new devices like the Meitu M6.

Source: Android Headlines

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)