Mexican Biometric MasterCard Trial Powered by IDEX

Mexican Biometric MasterCard Trial Powered by IDEX

IDEX Biometrics will play an integral role in a new biometric card trial from MasterCard and Edenred Mexico. Launched in conjunction with the Mexican state of Sonora, the new pilot program will use biometric fingerprint-scanning cards to distribute state benefits as part of an ongoing effort to give more people secure access to banking services.

IDEX will be providing the fingerprint sensor for the new cards, which offer several key advantages to Sonora citizens. The biometric cards are convenient, requiring only a fingerprint for identity verification. They’re also safer than traditional bank cards, largely because the card (and the associated benefits) are linked to the card’s owner and therefore cannot be accessed by a thief or some other party.  

“Biometric authentication technologies offer a compelling solution for those in need of financial inclusion,” said IDEX CEO Stan Swearingen. “It’s really exciting to see pilots like this happening and we’re extremely proud to be part of it.”

In the past, IDEX has been a major proponent of biometrics for financial inclusion, repeatedly arguing that fingerprints offer more security and convenience than traditional PIN-based methods. The company has been emphasizing biometric cards as one of the key elements of its portfolio, and recently received two patents for a new enrollment method.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)