Microsoft Authenticator Upgrades to 2FA with Biometrics on Android

Microsoft has added support for fingerprint recognition to the Android version of its Microsoft Authenticator app, reports Neowin.

Microsoft Authenticator Upgrades to 2FA with Biometrics on AndroidThe app was announced late last month and is designed to let users replace passwords with their mobile devices, sending a push notification to their smartphones when they go to log in to their Microsoft accounts. Now, with the Android version’s new fingerprint scanning support, the system is one of true two-factor authentication, combining something the user has – her smartphone – with something the user is – her fingerprint. (The iOS version of the app already includes Touch ID support.)

There appears to be a growing awareness of the advantages of 2FA security, with major brands like Google, Facebook, and even Instagram having recently announced support for such mechanisms. The same is true of biometric security, with a rising tide of mobile devices featuring embedded fingerprint sensors, while Microsoft itself has become something of a biometrics pioneer with its Windows Hello security platform. As such, there should be a number of Android users who appreciate the new fingerprint biometrics support on the latest version of Microsoft Authenticator.

Source: Neowin