Microsoft OneDrive Adds Support for Pixel 4 Face Unlock

Biometrics News - Microsoft OneDrive Adds Support for Pixel 4 Face Unlock

With its latest update to Microsoft OneDrive, the company’s cloud-storage solution now has support for Face Unlock on the Pixel 4.

The update comes following Google’s release of Android 10’s new ‘Biometric API’ late last year, shortly after the launch of the Pixel 4 smartphone, which debuted Google’s new Face Unlock biometric authentication system.

Google’s move to facial recognition for authentication on its flagship Pixel line came at the expense of the signature rear-mounted fingerprint scanners the devices had been sporting since their initial launch back in 2016.

Users can activate the new feature by selecting Profile>Settings>Passcode and, after setting up a six-digit PIN, toggling the switch to enable ‘biometrics to authenticate’.

Though the list of apps that support Face Unlock isn’t very long, it has been growing slowly, as OneDrive joins the Amex app and 1Password in supporting it following the release of the Biometric API.

The update to Microsoft OneDrive version 6.2 is already available for download on the Google Play Store.

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