Microsoft Patent Details Headphones with Built-in Fingerprint Sensor

Microsoft has applied for a patent for a set of headphones with built-in fingerprint recognition. According to the patent, the fingerprint scanner would be placed somewhere on the surface of the headphones, with the ear cups standing as one of the more likely possibilities.

Microsoft Patent Details Headphones with Built-in Fingerprint Sensor

Consumers would be able to use the fingerprint reader to wake up the device. There is also a chance that the headphones would support Windows Hello, which would allow users to log into various applications and accounts after authenticating themselves with their headphones. Owners would presumably need to link their fingerprints to the headphones in order to take advantage of the various biometric features.

While there is no guarantee that the patent will ever lead to a commercial product, fingerprint recognition could be an intriguing addition to Microsoft’s Surface Headphones portfolio. The company unveiled the Surface Headphones 2 earlier this month, and announced that the new headphones would be compatible with the Surface Audio and Cortana apps.

Of course, Microsoft is not the only company exploring the potential for biometric headphones. For example, an Apple patent filing from 2019 describes plans for biometric AirPods, although that particular patent focuses primarily on health applications rather than authentication, using biometric sensors that could pick up metrics like heart rate, blood flow, and body temperature. The hypothetical AirPods would also be able to distinguish one ear from the other and automatically adjust the volume and other settings.

Source: Windows Latest