Beauty Search Engine Leverages AI and Face Biometrics

Biometrics News - Mira, Beauty Search Engine With Face Recognition Launches

Mira, a new beauty and cosmetics-focused search engine with biometric facial recognition capabilities was launched today.

Founders Jay Hack and Brandon Garcia are Stanford graduates with backgrounds in facial recognition and artificial intelligence who are aiming to democratize the beauty industry by empowering users to find the beauty products that are right for them.

“We like to think of Mira as the world’s most knowledgeable beauty insider in your pocket,” said Jay Hack, CEO and Co-Founder of Mira. “It allows users to ask any beauty question on their mind and receive answers from real consumers with diverse backgrounds, taking them from beauty consumer to beauty connoisseur.”

Hack and Garcia will look to leverage their expertise in facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence in an industry that is sometimes seen as exclusive and homogenous. By connecting users with others around the globe with similar skin types, skin tones and aesthetic preferences to ask for advice and get product recommendations, Mira aims to offer a solution to this problem.

Mira is also a place where consumers can go to read reviews and synopses of various beauty products, compare prices, and join in a dialogue with a community of users searching for similar products. Like most online communities, Mira will get smarter and more useful the more active its users become in posting reviews, answering questions, and lending feedback on products.

Mira already has the backing of major investors including Unilever Ventures,, Founders Fund, 14W, Great Oaks Venture Capital, and others.

Mira is available for users today via their iOS app and their search engine They can also be found on Instagram at