Mobile Identity Marches On in This Week’s Top Stories Roundup

Mobile Identity Marches On in This Week's Top Stories Roundup

It’s been another busy week in the world of digital and mobile identity. And while the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made yet another appearance among the latest roundup of Mobile ID World’s top stories, it now appears to be something of a driving factor in this industry.

That’s thanks in part to government efforts to find a suitable ‘immunity passport’ solution that would let individuals with a clean bill of health return to work, and thanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices. CLEAR, a specialist in biometric expedited screening technology for airports and large venues, announced this week that it had developed a mobile app system for immunity passports, and that it’s in talks with a number of organizations about deploying it:

Health Pass by CLEAR Brings Biometrics to the Immunity Passport

In other mobile ID news, Mobile ID World readers also proved interested this week in Yoti’s announcement that it would provide biometric onboarding services for a major food retailer in the UK:

Yoti Provides Digital Identity Services for Co-op

Another biometrics specialist, Trust Stamp, claimed some reader attention this week with its announcement that it had entered a business accelerator program focused on innovation in the insurance industry. What’s more, participation in the OnRamp Insurance Accelerator brings with it $100,000 in Series A funding:

Trust Stamp Enters OnRamp Insurance Accelerator

This week also brought some news pertaining to the emerging biometric payment cards space, with ABI Research raising eyebrows with its prediction that the COVID-19 pandemic is helping to further drive interest in contactless payment cards:

ABI Predicts COVID-19 will Lead to More Contactless Payment Cards

Finally, Mobile ID World readers showed sustained interest this week in last month’s announcement that HID Global’s Seos credentialing technology would be integrated into Fidesmo Secure Element chips for wearable devices:

HID Global and Fidesmo Bring Seos Credentials to Wearable Devices


Stay posted to Mobile ID World next week as we continue to bring you the latest news and interviews from the exciting world of digital identity. To see the hottest stories of the week in biometrics, visit our sibling site FindBiometrics.