Molding and Tool Manufacturer Embraces BIO-key Biometrics

BIO-key has won over another new client: Molding and Tool Manufacturer Embraces BIO-key BiometricsThe company has announced that a molding and tool manufacturer has opted to use its ID Director for Windows software and its EcoID USB fingerprint scanner devices. Together, the solutions add biometric authentication to the client’s IT assets, which now require fingerprint scans from authorized users for access.

The announcement comes on the heels of last week’s news that another unnamed firm in the manufacturing sector had ordered BIO-key’s EcoID and ID Director solutions after suffering an internal security breach, suggesting growing momentum for BIO-key’s commercial sector business – though it has also seen recent interest from the government sector, as well.

BIO-key COO Barbara Rivera emphasized the trend in a statement announcing this latest deal. “Our recent deployments in the manufacturing sector demonstrate that the security, ease of use and attractive cost of ownership of our biometric solutions are being recognized in mainstream America,” she said, adding that BIO-key’s leadership is “actively working to highlight our growing base of biometric deployments to further stimulate additional demand from manufacturers as well as other enterprises facing similar challenges.”

Meanwhile, BIO-key also recently launched a password manager system compatible with all of its USB fingerprint readers, effectively sweetening the deal for its clients as their employees can now use biometrics even more conveniently to replace passwords.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)