Prepare For Money20/20 Europe’s Biometric Conversation

Prepare For Money20/20 Europe's Biometric ConversationMoney20/20 Europe is right around the corner, and Mobile ID World, along with our sister site FindBiometrics, will once again be on hand to help deliver expertise on the kinds of biometric technology that are increasingly in demand in the world of financial services. To that end, FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill will host a panel discussion entitled The power of choice: Why multimodal biometrics are taking over FinTech.

As with last year’s panel, the 2017 discussion will feature a roster of major figures in biometrics and financial services sectors:

Guillaume Yribarren is the Marketing VP of what recently became one of the biggest players in the identity security business:

Identity Industry’s Biggest Merger Produces OT-Morpho

Visa’s Jonathan Vaux and HSBC’s Craig Ramsay are helping to lead two of the biggest drivers of technological innovation in financial services:

Visa Moves Toward a Future of Ambient Authentication

HSBC Launches Voice ID Biometric Authentication System for US Customers

And these experts will be joined by the heads of two of the industry’s leading biometric authentication companies – BioConnect’s Rob Douglas and FacePhi’s Javier Mira:

BioConnect Tackles Mobile Security in the Enterprise

FacePhi Gets FIDO UAF Certification For Selphi

BioConnect Integrates FacePhi Facial Recognition Solution

Money20/20 Europe will run from June 26th to 28th in Copenhagen, with the expert biometrics panel scheduled to convene on the final day of the event.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)