Money2020: Voice Biometrics Protecting Mobile Wallets Thanks to ValidSoft

Why wait for your phone of choice to feature a fingerprint sensor before you start biometrically protecting your smartphone? Fingerprint sensors might be blazing the way for mainstream adoption of biometric authentication and with it mCommerce, but that doesn’t mean that the tips of your fingers are the only option. Many biometric solutions can be integrated on to current generation smartphones using the already featured hardware.

A perfect example of this can be found in ValidSoft’s new integration of its secure mobile commerce technology with the mCommerce ecosystem of MeNetwork360 from Spindle. The integration allows MeNetwork users to open the app’s mobile wallet via voice command. This is performed via VALid-IMA: ValidSoft’s in-band voice recognition software that through its inclusion of Dynamic Contingency Processing is able to minimize traditional issues with voice biometrics such as high rates of false negatives and the rejection of the true user.

“Frequency and magnitude of fraud and security breaches in the mobile payments space have risen rapidly,” said ValidSoft CEO Pat Carroll. “Prevention of breaches is important, but we must also be certain that increased security doesn’t affect the customer experience negatively. We believe that a winning formula is providing secure, multi-layered authentication and verification based on Voice Biometrics. That is the way to transform the traditional biometric model based on Equal Error Rates”

The solution is being previewed today through Thursday in Las Vegas at Money2020.