New Monnit Edge Gateway to Help Customers Make Sense of Sensor Data

Monnit Releases New Edge Gateway to Help Customers Make Sense of Sensor Data

Monnit has released a new ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway that will help organizations consolidate and analyze the data generated by the company’s entire line of Wireless Sensors. The platform was built to make it easier to process vast amounts of information, and to turn raw data into more actionable intelligence.  

To that end, the ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway comes with a web interface that allows organizations to configure, manage, and monitor their network of Monnit sensors. The Gateway will authenticate the data with a cryptographic stamp before sending it to the cloud, while the data itself will be converted to a standard format like JSON or XML when it arrives.

A single Gateway is enough to support as may as 100 individual sensors. It processes data with a Linux UBUNTU computer with a 32-bit ARM, and is compatible with any MQTT server or cloud provider (including Amazon AWS).

“The Internet of Things is inundating businesses with billions of data points,” said Monnit CEO Brad Walters. “The Edge Gateway helps businesses by decentralizing data processing and bringing this processing closer to data-generating ‘things.’ Firms will benefit from spontaneous analytics and support for enhanced situation-based applications.”

The ALTA Gateway arrives less than a month after Monnit unveiled its new SensorPrints data authentication platform. SensorPrints is geared towards the low-power wireless sensors in IoT devices. NXP and Microsoft have also joined forces to release a new edge processor for the Azure Sphere platform.