Morpho Joins FIDO Alliance In Crusade for Better Online Authentication

Morpho SafranWhen it comes to standards and specifications for online authentication, quite often the conversation revolves around the consumer experience. It is the most personally relatable part of the password problem: everyone has them and a great majority don’t follow the best practices, which admittedly are unreasonable when considering the sheer number of accounts everyone has now.

But what about the benefits that come with universal strong authentication that go beyond end-user convenience?

Morpho (Safran) has joined the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance, thereby committing to the consortium’s technology sharing and collaborative philosophies with the goal of developing of open specifications for universal strong online authentication. This will allow for financial and online service providers to benefit from the same kind of certification that is bringing mCommerce solutions to consumers.

The Alliance, in short, is developing viable password alternatives. With Morpho onboard the Alliance has a company with a large portfolio of post-password tech and solutions in a number of verticals that can greatly benefit from FIDO Ready certified products. Banks, online service providers and mobile network operators will now be able to look forward to FIDO-Ready authentication from Morpho.

“Morpho will contribute to FIDO’s vision of more secure and convenient online authentication for a broad range of identity and payment applications,” says FIDO president Michael Barrett. “We are delighted to welcome Morpho as a Sponsor member and look forward to drawing upon their expertise in biometrics and protecting identity data.”

Thomas Chenevier, senior vice president of products and innovation at Morpho adds: “Joining the FIDO Alliance is a natural move for Morpho at a time when we are expanding our e-service offering.”

Morpho’s relevant technology in this respect includes a wide range of post-password solutions. Secure elements, biometrics (including fingerprint, face and iris recognition), near field communications (NFC) and trusted platform modules: all of these will be on the table for FIDO Ready certification, now that Morpho has joined the Alliance.