Multiple Generations Agree It’s Time To Move Beyond Passwords

A new survey suggests that consumers across multiple generations are ready to move beyond password-based security and into biometric authentication.

Multiple Generations Agree It's Time To Move Beyond PasswordsThe survey was conducted by Aite Group on behalf of digital security solutions provider Iovation, and its results were published in a report entitled Moving Beyond the Password: Consumers’ Views on Authentication. It found that of the 1,100 individuals consulted, 85 percent agreed that there is now a need for enhanced security beyond password-based systems. And this feeling was reflected by millennials (who comprised 35 percent of respondents), Gen X’ers (26 percent), Baby Boomers (32 percent) and seniors (7 percent) alike.

While seniors tended to be most resistant to new security methods, 95 percent of millennials were open to the idea, while 82 percent of both Gen X’ers and Boomers also shared that attitude. Millennials, Gen X’ers, and Boomers all chose biometric authentication methods as their top two password alternatives, with fingerprint recognition in first place and eye biometrics in second; and even 68 percent of seniors agreed that fingerprint recognition offers the best password replacement.

The results suggest that the preponderance of mobile biometrics may significantly be shaping consumer attitudes, with fingerprint readers now a common feature on new smartphones, and iris scanning on the way for Samsung’s next flagship device. The results also point to a growing demand for the kinds of digital security solutions offered by Iovation and its multi-factor LaunchKey mobile security solution, with consumer evidently catching up to IT professionals in realizing that mobile biometrics are the next – and necessary – step up from password-based security.

March 21, 2017 – by Alex Perala