MWC 2014: Multifunction Biometric Tablet Launched by Morpho (Safran)

Morpho (Safran)Mobility and identity are merging to a point of becoming synonymous, and not just in the consumer arena of smartphones and mCommerce. Mobile biometric capture and verification has the potential to transform vertical industries for the better: shaving off precious hours in law enforcement and saving on deployment and travel costs in border control.

Still, the power of familiarity and consumer comfort cannot be understated. One of the key reasons mobile adoption has become so ubiquitous is that the human interface capabilities presented by the major mobile operating systems have become a second nature us through familiarity and innovative ergonomic design. This is why the newly launched multifunction biometric tablet from Morpho (Safran) is doing all the right things: bringing mobile ID to the markets that so direly need it presented with the popular familiarity of Android OS.

The MorphoTablet is a compact touchscreen device that uses fingerprint and facial biometrics as well as cryptographic functions, to secure mobile transactions. The tablet boasts tamper-proof hardware and integrated encryption functions making it the high-security efficiency solution for a staggering number of field applications.

Elections, benefit payments, school tests, medical exams, secure area access (device as credential and just as many law enforcement and border control field applications such as booking and on the spot ID checks are all intended uses of the MorphoTablet, which stands as an efficiency enabler for agencies and organizations across the verticals.

As you would expect from an Android tablet, Morpho’s newest mobile device is compatible with WI-Fi, bluetooth and cellular networks, allowing for the proper infrastructure access that can make the deployment of field biometrics most efficient. It sports a seven inch touchscreen, an FBI certified PIV-IQS fingerprint reader, a high resolution camera and NFC capabilities.  

“With MorphoTablet, mobile network operators have a powerful device for the swift and secure registration of customer data in the field,” explains Yves Portalier, vice president of programs and marketing at Morpho’s Telecom Business Unit. “MorphoTablet ensures that operators can meet evolving data registration regulations, while also offering customers an open-ended range of innovative services, thanks to our software development kit.”

The MorphoTablet is being introduced to the public today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, which runs through Thursday, February 27.