MWC Barcelona: FacePhi’s R&D Director on the Company’s Remarkable Growth [Audio]

MWC Barcelona: FacePhi's R&D Director on the Company's Remarkable Growth

Selfie-based authentication has really taken off as a hot new trend over the last couple of years, turning what is for many an everyday activity into a means of highly secure authentication. As one of the pioneers of this kind of technology, FacePhi has established itself as a clear market leader. The company came into this year’s Mobile World Congress on the crest of some big news: For one thing, FacePhi reported a 151 percent jump in profit for 2018; and just a few weeks after that the company announced that it was expanding into the biometric ATM business in a new collaboration with CaixaBank.

Naturally, these turned out to be two central topics in a show floor interview conducted between Mobile ID World’s Susan Stover and FacePhi R&D Director Javier Barrachina. And they also looked forward, with Barrachina hinting at FacePhi’s plans to expand into even more new sectors and to enhance its further enhance its biometric authentication technology. There are also more contracts on the way, though Barrachina had to be a bit secretive on that count for now.

Listen to the full interview with Javier Barrachina, R&D Director, FacePhi:

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