MWC Brings to Light Multiple New FPC Integrations

MWC Brings to Light Multiple New FPC IntegrationsIn the wake of this week’s Mobile World Congress, Fingerprint Cards is reporting multiple new device launches featuring FPC fingerprint sensors. ZTE’s Blade V9 smartphone features an FPC1145 sensor model, while LG’s new K10 and K10+ smartphones feature the FPC1228. And Huawei, which had perhaps the strongest showing in MWC’s Glomo Awards, launched its M5 and M5 Pro smartphones, featuring the FPC1145 sensor.

Meanwhile, an unnamed Japan-based OEM also recently launched two new smartphones featuring the FPC1075 sensor model, FPC announced.

The integrations all point to Fingerprint Cards’ leading position in what is now a highly competitive mobile fingerprint sensor market, and the continuing importance of this business area to the company even as it seeks to move into potentially more profitable new areas like biometric payment cards. FPC also recently announced the FPC1291 fingerprint sensor, its first ‘single-chip, single-die solution’; and the company racing to get cutting-edge in-display fingerprint sensor technology to market.

FPC’s CEO, Christian Fredrikson, discussed those new technologies with Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill from the MWC show floor earlier this week; the full interview can be heard on our sister site, FindBiometrics.