NEC Embraces Arm Standard for Smart City Security

NEC Embraces Arm Standard for Biometric Smart City TechNEC is embracing an Arm standard for smart city security. The company has announced a partnership with Arm Limited that will revolve around the latter’s Arm Platform Security Architecture, or PSA.

The standard concerns securely connecting devices in the Internet of Things, which is of course an area of overlap with smart city solutions, an emerging market sector in which NEC has shown an intensifying focus. By establishing a wide-ranging standards architecture, the Arm PSA is aimed at speeding up development of solutions while reducing costs.

In a statement, NEC revealed that it is already working on a “box-type accelerator” whose security will be managed by Arm Pelion Device Management. Describing the solution as “a specialized device featuring real-time facial recognition” based on an Arm Cortex-A53 processor, NEC explained that it is being designed to use high-speed analytics by having some of its computing performed on remote servers, an approach aimed at reducing network costs and the system workload.

In entrusting its renowned facial recognition technology to Arm’s platform, NEC is offering considerable validation to its partner. It’s also helping to ensure the continued rise of large-scale facial recognition systems, with NEC VP Naoki Hashitani explaining that his firm expects the new accelerator solution “to promote further adoption of face recognition throughout many areas, including the public safety, entertainment and transportation fields”.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)