NEC Updates Biometric Authentication Software for FIDO2 Compliance

NEC Updates Biometric Authentication Software for FIDO2 Compliance

NEC is upgrading its NC7000-3A server software to make the biometric authentication platform FIDO2 compliant.  The multimodal software allows clients to verify the identities of their users without sharing their biometric information beyond the authentication terminal, which means that that information is less likely to be compromised in the event of a security breach. 

Previous iterations of NC7000-3A were compliant with the FIDO UAF standard, which enabled biometric authentication for mobile applications. The new FIDO2 version extends that functionality to websites, allowing for password-free verification in a wider range of scenarios.

“The NC7000 series has a solid record of installations for financial institutions and telecommunications carriers,” said NEC General Manager Takashi Sato. “This enhancement supports the realization of a society where people, goods and services are reliably linked.”

“We are pleased to see NEC introduce its FIDO2 Certified server as part of the strong and continuously growing ecosystem aimed to reduce the world’s reliance on passwords,” added Andrew Shikiar, the Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer of the FIDO Alliance.

NC7000-3A supports face, fingerprint, and voice recognition, and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. NEC will also be releasing a new voice authentication SDK in August, which will identify users based on predetermined phrases. The release of secure FIDO2 software should give consumers more confidence given the company’s efforts to blend biometrics and 5G through its partnership with NTT-DOCOMO.