NEORIS Fast Track Connects Tech Startups with Clients that Need an Upgrade

NEORIS Fast Track Connects Tech Startups with Clients that Need an Upgrade

NEORIS is launching a new partnership program that will make it easier for other companies to update their technology. Dubbed NEORIS Fast Track, the program connects some of the world’s most innovative startups with larger companies that may be interested in their services.

The result is an accelerator that could drastically reduce the amount of time companies will need to overhaul their technological infrastructure. The Fast Track portfolio includes biometric, blockchain, and wearable tech designed for a number of different sectors. 

“NEORIS cultivates partnerships with disruptive startups to offer our global clients the digital solutions they need to boost business results,” said Ciro Echesortu, the Fast Track Program Leader at NEORIS.

NEORIS Fast Track will be equally beneficial to the startups in the program, who will gain access to new customers for their products.

“NEORIS is embracing a tech-agnostic approach to partnerships, which allows us to provide the best solutions in the quickest timeframe for clients while helping emerging businesses grow faster,” added Marcelo Da Costa, the Director of Partnerships at NEORIS.

At the moment, those emerging businesses include Prysmex, which provides wearable analytics, and Nodalblock, which offers blockchain-based identity and document verification. It also includes FacePhi, a fast-rising biometric authentication specialist that recently provided facial recognition tech for banks in Argentina, Uruguay, and other partners in financial services.