New Algorithm From CrucialTec Could Mean Area Sensors For Samsung Phones

On Wednesday, South Korean tech company CrucialTec announced that it has developed a new algorithm, working with its software affiliate CrucialSoft. The algorithm is named Fermion and was developed with small area-type fingerprint sensors in mind. The Korea Herald, frequent source of Samsung news and rumors, reported the announcement this morning.

CrucialTec is the current supplier of fingerprint sensors to Samsung, who currently features the biometric technology on its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S5 currently uses a swipe-based algorithm, a detail that places demands on design and user interface. With the current model, a Samsung user needs to literally swipe her fingerprint over the sensor in the proper direction for both enrollment and authentication. As a result, single handed use is difficult, as is authentication at unideal angles.

A new area-based algorithm means that future sensors can be thinner, smaller and come in a variety of shapes, opening up the design space when it comes to the next generation of fingerprint smartphones. Additionally, the sensors will be able to authenticate prints taken at any angle. This will be similar in function to the Touch ID sensor featured on the iPhone 5S.

The addition of the fingerprint sensor to flagship smartphones has started to bring strong authentication and its related benefits to a mainstream market. In conjunction with the introduction of the Galaxy S5 in April, PayPal announced its support for biometric mobile payments.

Biometrics aren’t expected to halt their consumer device proliferation with smartphones either. Recent comments from Synaptics are leading experts to suspect that in 2015 we will be seeing fingerprint sensors embedded on smart watches.