New AMREL Rugged Tablets Feature Suprema Fingerprint Biometrics

New AMREL Rugged Tablets Feature Suprema Fingerprint Biometrics

AMREL has deployed Suprema ID’s BM-Slim2 fingerprint sensor in a pair of rugged biometric tablets. The company has announced that Suprema’s ultra-slim FAP20 scanner is now an integral component of the BIOPTIX 10.1-inch Windows and BioSense 8-inch Android models.

The BM-Slim2 is compliant with FBI PIV standards, and offers extremely reliable fingerprint authentication on a mobile device. 

“Our goal is to provide our customers with a suite of lightweight, rugged biometric solutions for mobile identification and authentication,” said AMREL Operations VP Kalvin Chen. “We will continue to identify and add new mobile ID solutions that align with the needs of government agencies and public safety markets.”

Both tablet models will be on display from April 30th to May 1st at Connect:ID 2019, as will the BioSense AT80 Max, the newly launched FAP50 version of its BioSense tablet. However, the FAP20 tablets can be found at the Suprema booth, while the AT80 Max will be showcased by Integrated Biometrics.

The event marks the end of an incredibly busy month for AMREL, which also released a new rugged smartphone module at the beginning of the month. The BM-Slim2, meanwhile, was recently integrated into a trio of TazTag mobile devices.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)