New ChromeOS Signage Solution Supports Face Biometrics

New ChromeOS Signage Solution Supports Face Biometrics

A new ChromeOS media player supports Ultra-High Definition video as well as facial recognition and gaze tracking.

Unveiled by AOPEN at this week’s Digital Signage Expo 2019, the AOPEN Chromebox Commercial 2 is designed to power UHD 4K screens, and to support external Internet of Things applications. It can run on a 7th generation Intel Core processor or Celeron processor; and it can power two 4K displays simultaneously at 30 Frames Per Second or a single 4K display at 60 FPS.

Perhaps more notably, it’s designed to support the kind of biometric functionality that is of growing interest to retailers. A growing number of digital signage solutions are positioning facial recognition as the next big step forward in customer analytics, enabling the identification of individuals and the assessment of demographic data; gaze tracking, meanwhile, can provide valuable data about what particular components of marketing content are drawing customers’ attention.

For its part, AOPEN can also distinguish its solution as one that has special ties to Google and its Chrome operating system. “As the only provider of commercial Chrome, AOPEN continues to be the smart choice for enterprise digital transformation projects,” explained AOPEN America GM Aaron Pompey in a statement. “With this next-gen product, AOPEN not only introduces the world’s first 4K commercial Chrome solution, but also continues its unique, multi-tiered relationship with Google.”

AOPEN says it will next showcase the Chromebox Commercial 2 solution at the Google Cloud Next 2019 event in San Francisco on April 9th.