New Investor Relations Specialist Joins IDEX Biometrics Team

New Investor Relations Specialist Joins IDEX Biometrics Team

IDEX Biometrics is hoping to develop a better rapport with the international financial community after hiring Marianne Bøe as its new investor relations specialist. Bøe will be based out of IDEX’s Oslo office in Norway, and will be asked to advance the company’s communication and outreach efforts with potential partners.

“Marianne has a wealth of experience in investment management and investor relations in the Nordics as well as with the international investor community,” said IDEX CFO Derek D’Antilio. “Our strategy is to support our Norwegian shareholder base while we continue to expand IDEX’s presence globally.”

“It is exciting to join IDEX now that the company has moved from product trials into commercial sales to the payment and access control markets,” added Bøe. “We expect that the interest from the financial community will increase as the company launches new products and increases its commercial traction.”

Bøe is joining the team a few months after IDEX joined the OTCQB Venture Market exchange, which is expected to boost the company’s prospects in the United States. IDEX has since received $9.9 million through a private placement and secured a production order with a $6 million minimum commitment. Bøe’s presence should help the company attract new investors, and find new customers for its fingerprint portfolio.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)