New Qualcomm Accelerator Provides Small Businesses with Remote Working Tools

Qualcomm Technologies has launched a new accelerator program to help small businesses adapt to a mobile work environment. Aptly dubbed the Small Business Accelerator Program, the initiative will provide members with Qualcomm-backed products to help with their digital transformation, as well as technical support to make sure that technology gets used properly.

New Qualcomm Accelerator Provides Small Businesses with Remote Working Tools

The company plans to select 25 businesses for the Accelerator, who will each receive a package worth roughly $25,000. The specific contents of each package will be tailored to meet the needs of each individual business, but they could include everything from Wi-Fi systems and smartphones to Bluetooth-enabled headsets and other smart devices.

According to Qualcomm, the program will allow recipients to continue operations both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Small businesses are very important to the country’s economic growth and prosperity,” said Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon. “Qualcomm creates products and services that enable users to stay mobile and connected, which will help small businesses remain competitive as the way we work changes.”

Qualcomm has lined up several partners to help fulfill its various technology and support promises. To that end, Best Buy Business, Microsoft, and Verizon Business will serve as primary partners, while companies like Citrix, Samsung, and Linksys will deliver specific products like digital workspaces, mobile devices, and Wi-Fi networking devices, respectively. Lenovo (5G PCs), Sophos (security software), and Targus (mobile docking stations) are amongst the program’s other contributors. 

“As business owners and employees quickly adapt to the new normal, they need tech that will help them remain productive in many different work environments,” added Best Buy Business Senior Director Brett Byrum.

Aside from the Accelerator, Qualcomm recently teamed up with BOE Technology to produce biometric display products that feature Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic fingerprint sensors. The company is also making a new 3D authentication system in collaboration with Infineon