Next Evolution of Gorilla Glass is Twice as Strong

Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsEarlier this year Apple broke ties with GT Advanced Technologies, the company who was initially slated to provide the sapphire necessary for shatter-proof glass in upcoming iPhones models. That nixed partnership spelled eventual bankruptcy for GT Advanced, but it doesn’t mean that your next iPhone won’t have a better chance surviving a close encounter with the ground.

Corning, the glass company that supplies Apple with its current handset display covers, has stated that, despite the lack of sapphires, next year’s iPhones will have screens that are twice as durable.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Cornish has studied thousands of shattered iPhones in researching the newest version of Gorilla Glass. Having determined that most smartphone-versus-ground incidents occur from the height of about one meter, the company has done assurance testing at that distance and seen positive results.

Gorilla Glass 4 survived 80 percent of test impacts from a height of one meter. That’s double the winning record of the previous version of Gorilla Glass. What’s more, this improvement is not going to affect the look and feel of the iPhone, which trades on its boutique-item appearance. According to Corning the increased strength comes at no cost to the optical clarity.

It is a little bit early to be talking about the next generation of iPhones considering the newest flagship models were just released in September. That said, the promise of a more durable iPhone will come as a relief to anyone who’s accidentally dropped their expensive new phone on the side walk while trying to check their email.