NextgenID’s Identity Kiosks Meet the Latest Government Standards

NextgenID's Identity Kiosks Meet the Latest Government Standards

NextgenID has announced that its products are compliant with the federal government’s Identity, Credential, and Access Management policy. The ICAM policy was the subject of a recent memo from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

NextgenID specializes in identity solutions for government agencies. The company specifically emphasized its Virtual In-person Proofing (VIP) solution, which delivers Supervised Remote In-person Proofing (SRIP) through the NextgenID ID*Capture Kiosk. According to NextgenID, VIP is the only product of its kind that meets the SP 800-63A standards laid out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

“Proofing is the single largest cost component of any credentialing system,” said CertiPath President Jeff Nigriny. “In our analysis of the market, NextgenID’s SRIP is the leading solution that addresses cost and accuracy while providing many additional operational benefits.”

The ID*Capture Kiosk is designed as a front-end enrollment device, and allows users to prove their identities in a variety of ways. The platform should help lower the costs of the credentialing process for the government agencies that utilize the technology.

While NextgenID is focused on the public sector, biometric kiosks are becoming an increasingly popular automated identity solution for border control and banking. For its part, NextgenID has been a member of the International Biometrics & Identity Association since 2016.