Norway Aims For Mobile-First Digital ID

Encap Security’s Smarter Authentication platform has been selected for a pilot project in Norway aiming to make a leading digital ID program mobile-first.

Encap Tech Could Make Norwegian Authentication Program Mobile-FirstThe program is called BankID. It originally started in 2004 as an authentication mechanism for online banking, but has quickly been adopted across a range of sectors and applications. In a statement, Encap Security said that BankID is now used by half the population to file their taxes, and is even used to sign tenancy agreements, with 85 percent of students in Trondheim opting for BankID when signing a lease.

Currently, the system combines one-time passwords and key fobs to enable secure authentication, but BankID’s administrators are seeking to enable authentication entirely through a given bank’s mobile app. To that end, they’re going to test out Smarter Authentication starting this June, leveraging its biometric capabilities—based on Touch ID on iOS and newer Android fingerprint scanning functionality—to ensure a high level of security.

It could offer another example of Norway’s early adopter approach to new technologies, with the country having provided the initial testing ground for MasterCard’s biometric payment card concept, and government officials working with an industry coalition to improve mobile security across the country.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)