NTT Forecasts Rise of Smart Cities in Future Disrupted Report

NTT Forecasts Rise of Smart Cities in Future Disrupted Report

NTT Ltd. has released a Future Disrupted: 2020 report to highlight some of the latest trends that tech companies should be aware of entering the next year. In particular, NTT predicts that 2020 will be a banner year for smart cities and other connected environments, with data, IoT, and automation advances enabling the creation of spaces that can manage themselves with minimal human oversight.     

“Next year, we’ll see complete end-to-end computing come to the fore, bringing to life fully intelligent environments that are completely connected and will have a big impact on the world we live in,” said NTT CTO Ettienne Reinecke. “Projects like these need a variety of different technology capabilities to come together in order to achieve great things, so building fully connected environments will be the key focus point next year.”

Reinecke cited Las Vegas as a pioneer in that regard, lauding the city’s use of video and sound to become more responsive to activity across the region. NTT is equally bullish on smart buildings and other smart spaces – including stadiums and retail outlets – that can leverage IoT and AI innovations to better meet the needs of humans in those spaces, whether that means answering questions or adjusting the temperature when a room gets too cold.

According to NTT, 2020 will be the year that companies start to unlock the full potential of the technologies they have been developing for the past few years. To that end, NTT DOCOMO has been collaborating with NEC to lay the infrastructural groundwork for commercial 5G networks. The two companies recently streamed 8K video to a high speed train, and have also used 5G to carry out a trial of NEC’s facial recognition system.

Data twinning and personal data wallets are some of the other technologies emphasized in the Future Disrupted report.