Nuance Showcases Voice Biometrics Tech at VBC New York

Nuance CommunicationsNuance Showcases Voice Biometrics Tech at VBC New York has just concluded showcasing its voice biometrics technologies at the VBC New York conference. Organized by Opus Research, the VBC Voice Security & Authentication Conference aimed to highlight such technological solutions for the web and mobile devices.

The conference featured such organizations as USAA and Tangerine Bank discussing their experience integrating voice biometrics technology into their operations, with Nuance on hand to join the chorus exclaiming the benefits of the technology, while also showing off its own wares. And those solutions are pretty diverse: In addition to making a name for itself in the financial services sector with its customer authentication solutions, Nuance has also developed one of the first-ever voice recognition systems for the smart car.

The company is also making its way into the smart home via the integration of its technology into Coles’ forthcoming digital shopping list device. Given the ongoing expansion of the Internet of Things, and the utility of voice recognition in related devices, Nuance is poised to continue building its reputation as a voice biometrics innovator with further devices down the line.