NuData Partners With NAORCA

NuData has partnered with the National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association (NAORCA), a US-based organization with over 3,000 members around the world.

NuData Partners With NAORCAThe partnership could offer NuData an impactful opportunity to promote its NuDetect platform, which uses behavioral biometrics and analytics—tracking patterns associated with keystrokes, mouse movement, and various other factors—to verify ‘good users’ online while flagging potential threats. The technology is particularly aimed at online retailers, for whom it can help reduce e-commerce fraud, and thus should appeal to many of the members of NAORCA.

Commenting in a statement, NAORCA Executive Director Christopher McGourty proclaimed, “A new generation of organized retail crime calls for new strategies and tactics,” adding, “We welcome this collaboration with NuData and believe its unique approach to fraud detection and prevention will be a valuable asset in our fight.”

The partnership emerges in the wake of NuData’s appointment of Robert Capps as its new VP of Business Development. With the NAORCA partnership, he is now presented with a major new opportunity to market NuData’s solutions.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)