Nuggets Announces Another New Strategic Advisor

Nuggets has announced another new Senior Strategic Advisor in Joshua J. Bouw, co-founder of the Blackcoin cryptocurrency.Nuggets Aims to Build Credibility with Another New Strategic Advisor The announcement of Bouw’s appointment comes almost immediately after the news that tech evangelist Sally Eaves has also taken on an advisory role with the company.

In appointing and publicizing these advisors, Nuggets’ aim appears to be to establish a certain degree of credibility for its eponymous platform, which is designed to enable digital transactions in which users are encouraged to share their personal information in exchange for Nuggets’ digital currency. While Eaves’ value as an advisor appears to come from her extensive connections across a range of tech-focused organizations, Bouw’s rests in his experience with blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms. Few outside of the tech world will likely be familiar with Blackcoin, but in a statement announcing Bouw’s appointment, Nuggets emphasized that it was “the first ever 100% proof-of-stake cryptocurrency and one of the most successful later stage cryptocurrencies.” Nuggets also highlighted Bouw’s involvement in the BlackHalo and BitHalo smart contracting platforms, as well as the Qtum and Gamecredits cryptocurrency platforms.

Commenting on the appointment, Nuggets founder Alastair Johnson said, “We’ve really struck gold getting Joshua on board as his cryptocurrency and blockchain experience is second-to-none.” In an emerging market in which establishing a shared belief in the value of a product is fundamental to its success, it’s an angle that could help Nuggets to secure further investment in its own currency.