NXP Semiconductors Launches IIoT R&D Lab

NXP Semiconductors is intensifying its efforts in the emerging industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market.NXP Semiconductors Launches IIoT R&D Lab

The company has announced the launch of an ‘Industrial Competency Center’, or ICC, based in a laboratory in Hamburg. The ICC will focus on research and development concerning machine learning applications.

In a statement announcing its launch, ICC director Sylvain Gardet explained, “We want to provide the missing link to give manufacturers the flexibility to build their own solutions covering today’s Industry 4.0 hot topics: machine learning, secure industrial communication such as OPC UA and edge-computing, enabling smarter industrial processes and robots.”

NXP Semiconductors is also showcasing a range of machine learning and IIoT solutions at Electronica 2018 in Munich, an international electronics trade fair. Among the solutions being demonstrated at the show are its NTAG SmartSensor for machine anomaly detection, its i.MX 8QuadMax and i.MX 8QuadXPlus applications processors for edge computing, and a facial recognition solution for smart factories.

NXP Semiconductors’ announcement comes just a few weeks after its launch of eIQ, a software development platform for machine learning systems.