NXP One of World’s Top Three AI Chipset Firms: Compass Intelligence

NXP One of World's Top Three AI Chipset Firms: Compass IntelligenceMarket research firm Compass Intelligence has named NXP Semiconductors one of the world’s top three artificial intelligence chipset companies. In Compass Intelligence’s estimation, the company is bested in this area only by Nvidia and Intel.

In a statement announcing the ranking, Compass Intelligence Senior Advisor & Consultant Nadine Manjaro explained that the annual report is the product of an evaluation “based on the extensive Compass Intelligence framework, modeling process and metrics-driven market intelligence to determine the industry’s trailblazers.” NXP added that it “and the other A-Listers scored approximately 80 to 90 points out of a total of 100 points on the index.”

The ranking should further boost NXP’s appeal to Qualcomm, which has spent months working to acquire the company, seeing synergies in areas such as automotive and Internet of Things technologies. Artificial intelligence these days offers applications across these and many other areas, of course, and being recognized as a world leader in this domain is a considerable plaudit at a time when AI is of growing interest across the tech sector in general.

In attaining the third place ranking for AI chipsets, NXP has, in Compass Intelligence’s estimation, beaten out the likes of tech giants including IBM, Google, Apple, Samsung, Broadcom, and Qualcomm.