Nymi’s Biometric Wearables Show Potential in Pharmaceutical Industry

Fresh off of its showing at the Pharma MES & Process Minds conference in Berlin, Nymi is excited about its eponymous platform’s potential in the pharmaceutical and life science industries.

Nymi's Biometric Wearables Show Potential in Pharmaceutical IndustryAs the company points out in a new blog post, the pharmaceutical industry is moving toward “Industry 4.0”, a phase of intense digitization. And in that process, “data integrity becomes especially crucial,” not just for operational efficiency but also for regulatory compliance.

That’s where Nymi’s authentication solution comes in. Its wristband device is designed to continuously analyze cardiac biometrics in order to enable ongoing, passive authentication for the wearer. That means an authorized user can unlock a computer at work just by approaching it; and, as Nymi has pointed out before, in lab environments in which there is a constant need for authentication, this can offer considerable benefits.

For companies working in the highly regulated pharmaceuticals industry and related areas, this equates not only to time savings but to enabling administrators to “know who did what and when, with a degree of confidence that was never possible in the past,” as Nymi’s latest post puts it. And given the growing interest Nymi’s solution has been generating in the world of venture capital, the company’s pitch likely reached a receptive audience at Pharma MES & Process Minds, too.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)