OneLogin Launches New Behavioral Risk Assessment Platform

OneLogin Launches New Behavioral Risk Assessment Platform

OneLogin has unveiled a pair of new cybersecurity products to help large enterprises calculate risk and reduce their reliance on text-based passwords. Vigilance AI is a risk assessment engine that uses machine learning and AI to determine the threat level of a given interaction, while SmartFactor Authentication uses behavioral analytics to verify people’s identities without a password.

Behavioral analytics is also a key component of Vigilance AI, which uses the technology to generate profiles that make it easier to spot anomalous activity. If risk is detected, Vigilance AI can trigger a more rigorous authentication process through its adaptive login flow functionality. That process may include certificates and biometric information.

“There’s been a massive uptick in cyberattacks targeting credentials, including brute force and breach replay attacks,” said OneLogin Chief Product Officer Venkat Sathyamurthy. “Vigilance AI uses artificial intelligence to allow our enterprise customer base to protect against risk without requiring any additional work, delivering automated protection at scale.”

Vigilance AI comes with a password blacklist that prevents the use of common passwords and the use of credentials that have previously been compromised. It can also bar someone’s access entirely in an extremely high-risk situation.

The new products further enhance a OneLogin portfolio that recently added a cloud-based access management platform. Prior to that, the company partnered with ShoCard to integrate blockchain capabilities into its technology.