OnePlus 3 Sports FPC1245 Fingerprint Sensor

OnePlus has launched a new smartphone, and it once again features a biometric sensor from Fingerprint Cards. The OnePlus 3 sports an FPC1245 fingerprint sensor.

Speedy OnePlus 3 Fingerprint Scanning Courtesy of FPCIt’s a different model than the one used in OnePlus’s OnePlus 2 last year, which featured an FPC1150 that OnePlus called “lightning quick”; and the company seems to have maintained its emphasis on speed, with a Guardian review of this latest device calling the fingerprint sensor “fast and responsive.” That should help to further burnish FPC’s credibility alongside the multiple other integrations—mostly via repeat customers—that the company has announced this week.

It’s good news for Precise Biometrics, too, whose Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software is being used with the OnePlus 3’s FPC sensor. That maintains a longstanding alliance between Precise Biometrics and FPC that has seen the companies’ technologies used together to power the biometric capabilities of many smartphones, including the Xiaomi Redmi 3S, whose integration was announced only yesterday.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)