OneSpan Brings Biometrics, Anti-fraud Tech to Sony Bank

Biometrics News - OneSpan Beings Biometrics, Anti-fraud Tech to Sony Bank

Sony Bank is now using OneSpan’s Mobile Security Suite to safeguard its app and its mobile transactions. The Mobile Security Suite includes Application Shielding, which will monitor the Sony Bank network to detect (and reduce) fraudulent activity. It will also enable biometric authentication, with support for both face and fingerprint recognition.  

With that in mind, Sony Bank believes that the Mobile Security Suite will provide a better user experience while simultaneously improving the overall security of the platform. OneSpan’s solution is compliant with the latest PSD2 regulations.

“Addressing security and customer convenience was key for us,” said Sony Bank Systems Planning Senior Manager Shuichiro Sumimoto. “The technology protects the device and the application, while providing an easy way for our customers to complete mobile transactions.”

“Sony Bank is taking the right steps to future-proof its business,” added OneSpan CEO Scott Clements. Clements went on to cite a Gartner study that suggests that many mobile attacks could be prevented with proper in-app protection.

OneSpan is currently providing mobile security for several other customers in the banking industry. The United Bulgarian Bank adopted the Mobile Security Suite in April, while Avaloq has integrated OneSpan’s solutions into a cloud security platform designed for financial institutions.