Online Bank Introduces Eyeprint ID Login for App Users

Online Bank Introduces Eyeprint ID Login for App UsersAn Indiana-based online banking services provider is now offering eye vein-based customer authentication. First Internet Bank is implementing the authentication for its mobile app, with its new Eyeprint ID security system.

The system allows iPhone and Android users to log in using their smartphones’ cameras. Eyeprint ID identifies the user’s eye vein pattern and uses it as a password replacement, improving the user experience through enhanced convenience.

It’s an indication of First Internet Bank’s commitment to advanced technology. Back in 1999, First Internet Bank became the first online-only, FDIC-insured, state-chartered bank, and it has continued to embrace innovative technology in keeping with its brand. Speaking in a press release, CEO David Becker called Eyeprint ID “the latest demonstration of First Internet Bank’s commitment to customer-centric digital banking,” adding, “Biometric technology allows us to provide innovative solutions to our customers’ need for secure, convenient account access.”

Earlier this year, the company also enabled login via Touch ID, the fingerprint scanning system used on Apple’s latest mobile devices. While First Internet Bank is undoubtedly ahead of the curve in embracing these new technologies, other financial services institutions are increasingly looking to biometric authentication for users of their mobile apps, in a trend that looks likely to keep rising.