Online Gambling Platform Lauds Jumio’s KYC Tech

Online Gambling Platform Lauds Jumio's KYC Tech

A Jumio client is singing the praises of the company’s selfie-based authentication technology, and helping to make its case in the online gambling industry.

As Jumio explains in a case study posted on its website, the client, Casumo, faces stringent Know Your Customer regulations as a provider of online gaming services. To the end, Jumio’s technology is being leveraged to scan end users’ ID and proof of address documents, and to apply facial recognition to uploaded documents and selfies to confirm that they match.

The streamlined process is paying dividends: Jumio asserts that its technology has increased Casumo’s “KYC handling capacity” by 80 percent. And for the latter’s part, Casumo’s Head of Payments, Fraud and AML, Jakub Mielczarek, attests that “Casumo’s internal KYC tools in combination with Jumio’s Netverify API have been a game changer for us in terms of streamlining our KYC processes both internally and externally.”

The case study offers the latest illustration of how Jumio’s solutions, and selfie-based user authentication more broadly, can be used not only to confirm customers’ identities but also for adjacent areas like proof of age. And in so doing, they can offer operational efficiencies that will potentially make the upgrade from archaic systems not a gamble but a very safe bet.