OT-Morpho Security Backs Samsung Pay for Santander Bank in Spain

Santander Bank is enabling Samsung Pay for its customers in Spain with the help of OT-Morpho, the latter has announced.OT-Morpho Security Backs Samsung Pay for Santander Bank in Spain

In a statement, OT-Morpho asserted that Santander’s support for Samsung’s mobile payments platform leverages OT-Morpho’s Digital Enablement Platform for secure tokenization and provisioning services. The support could have a substantial impact in Spain, where OT-Morpho says there are 1.6 million contactless payment terminals.

Commenting on the effort, Santander Products Director Carlos Palacios suggested that offering Samsung Pay support is a demonstration of Santander’s dedication to offering a range of innovative technologies to its customers, and that with OT-Morpho’s help the bank was “able to make it happen in a secure, easy and fast way, keeping Banco Santander ahead in the digital payments race.”

Samsung Pay is one of the leading pioneers of mobile payments technology, with Samsung having recently reported that its use has quadrupled in South Korea since last summer’s first anniversary of the service’s launch.