Adults-Only Webcam Platform Announces Penis Recognition Login

An adult entertainment webcast platform is launching a new login feature based on penis recognition.

Adults-Only Webcam Platform Announces Penis Recognition LoginAnnounced by CamSoda this week, the authentication system is called “Dick-ometrics”. It operates in a similar way to other biometric modalities like fingerprint and iris scanning, looking for a combination of physically unique indicators such as size and prominent veins. A given user’s biometric profile is then turned into an a numeric code, with no actual penis images stored in CamSoda’s database.

The security solution is clearly a marketing stunt meant to draw media attention to the webcast platform, and to that end it’s clearly working. But in a statement announcing Dick-ometrics, CamSoda VP Darren Press offered a cogent enough explanation of what such a solution has to offer over fingerprint or iris recognition, arguing that “unlike fingerprints and eyeballs, penises are not exposed to the public a lot of the time”.

For viewers of the HBO series The Leftovers who thought a penis-scanning scene near the end of the series seemed a bit far-fetched, CamSoda’s new solution is likely a particularly disconcerting development during interesting times.

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