POS Tech Provider Anticipating 2015 Regulations with Latest Products

iStock_Credit CardsSpire Payments, a provider of POS technology, has unveiled three new payment products as part of its SP line at this year’s Cartes 2014 conference. The SPu90 will provide merchants with a system that not only meets the latest security standards but also will enable a range of contactless payment options; the SPc5 will offer a competitively-priced system intended specifically for “emerging card payment markets”; and the SPg7 will offer a comprehensive range of features along with some extra touches like a high-speed printer and a colour screen. The SPc5 and the SPg7 also will support contactless payments via payWave and PayPass.

The company’s promotion of contactless payment POS technology seems a canny move, given the impending retail regulations set to require merchants in the US to use such technology next year. Meanwhile, Apple’s new mobile payment platform, Apple Pay, has been making inroads into the mass market, paving the way for other mobile payment options and getting consumers acquainted with the technology. All of this is good news for the biometrics industry, as Apple’s fingerprint-scanning Touch ID system is helping to engender the expectation among consumers that mobile commerce should go hand-in-hand with biometric security – which indeed it should, as fraud follows commercial activity into the mobile and digital world.