Precise BioMatch Mobile Featured on 360 N4S

Precise Biometrics’ flagship algorithm software platform has been integrated in the latest device from smartphone OEM 360.

Precise BioMatch Mobile Featured on 360 N4SAs with so many other smartphone integrations, this latest comes by way of Fingerprint Cards, with the 360 N4S incorporating an FPC1035 sensor. It’s the same sensor model used in the F4, 360’s debut smartphone launched earlier this year.

Of course, not all mobile integrations of Precise Biometrics’ Precise BioMatch Mobile technology come about via FPC. At the end of last month, Precise Biometrics announced that a “leading Chinese vendor” would integrate its biometric algorithm software by way of Synaptics, a relatively recent hardware partner for the company. Meanwhile, the platform, along with Precise BioMatch Embedded, was also recently licensed by Betterlife, with the potential to be incorporated in non-smartphone devices.

Still, FPC appears to remain a key hardware partner for Precise Biometrics, with 360’s N4S being only the latest example of the companies’ technology pairings.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)