Precise BioMatch Mobile Integrated Into Three New Phones

Finger scanner icons on black background.Precise Biometrics technology is once again powering the fingerprint sensors of a new line of smartphones. Through its partnership with hardware developer Fingerprint Cards (FPC), Precise Biometrics’ Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software is now integrated in QiKu’s new Professional, Flagship, and Young smartphone models.

It’s the first time that the China-based smartphone maker is building smartphone sensors into its devices, and the Precise BioMatch Mobile system would appear to be the go-to solution. It is now widely prominent in a number of Asia-made smartphones, with partner FPC having recently reported booming revenues and profits due largely to demand for such fingerprint sensors; together, FPC and Precise Biometrics have become market leaders in this area over the last several months. In a statement, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson expressed his confidence in the technology, asserting that with the Precise BioMatch Mobile, the managers at QiKu “have found an excellent solution for their new line of smartphone models.”

The integrations are likely welcome news for Precise Biometrics as the company moves forward from decreasing net losses over the last two quarters. While FPC has enjoyed tremendous success from its fingerprint sensor integrations, Precise Biometrics has a more diverse range of business activities, with other licensing deals and its line of Tactivo smart card readers for Apple mobile devices. The rising success of its Precise BioMatch Mobile solution in the fingerprint market should help to shore up its net income as that line of business continues to generate revenues from the company’s licensing agreements with FPC and others.