Precise Biometrics Fingerprint Software Powers a Smart Door Lock and a New FIDO2 Security Key

Precise Biometrics Fingerpint Software Powers Smart Door Lock and FIDO2 Security Key

Precise Biometrics is continuing to find new applications for its fingerprint algorithm software. The company recently announced that the Precise BioMatch Embedded algorithm is beneath the hood of eWBM’s FIDO2-certified USB key, and has now revealed that the same algorithm can also be found in a new USB authenticator from Octatco and a smart door from Xiaomi.

The Octatco integration follows directly from Precise’s licensing agreement with eWBM, which is partnering with Octatco. The arrangement has allowed Octatco to deploy the BioMatch Embedded algorithm in its new EzFinger2 USB authenticator. Like eWBM’s Goldengate 500 USB key, the EzFinger 2 is FIDO2-certified and enables secure password-free authentication.

BioMatch Embedded has also been integrated into the Aqara S2 ProSmart Door Lock, which is developed by a Xiaomi subsidiary called Lumi United Technology. That deal came about through Precise’s longstanding licensing agreement with Betterlife, which provided the fingerprint sensor for the Aqara S2 lock. Like most biometric locks, the Aqara S2 allows people to unlock a door with a fingerprint scan to offer superior (and convenient) access control.

Together, the two deals demonstrate the flexibility of Precise’s technology, as well as its utility in a range of different industries as the market for fingerprint solutions continues to expand.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)