Precise Biometrics Partners with Infinity Optics, Boosts Security

Precise Biometrics Partners with Infinity Optics, Boosts Security

Precise Biometrics is looking to boost the security of its biometric algorithm solutions through a new partnership with Infinity Optics (or “IO”).

The latter specializes in cryptography, particularly what is called ‘true biometric hash technology’. This technology is designed to turn a given biometric profile into a scramble of data – or a ‘hash’ – that can then be used in the biometric profile’s place. This essentially means that an end user’s biometrics are decoupled from the authentication token, even as the biometrics remain the basis for authentication.

No biometric template needs to be stored, which means there is no template to be hacked; and a given hash can easily be revoked if need be, and replaced by an alternate hash.

“Biometrics and cryptography have for a long time been operating in separate fields,” asserted Precise Biometrics CEO Stefan K. Persson in a statement announcing the IO partnership. “This, despite both being components that perform complementary functions used in secure identification. It is very exciting that we have initiated a collaboration with Infinity Optics, our goal is to be the first provider that combine the two fields successfully for fingerprint recognition.”

That project will unfold through Precise Biometrics newfound access to IO’s QuantumCrypt Platform, which will allow the company to begin adapting IO’s biometric hash technology to be compatible with its own fingerprint algorithm tech. The companies asserted that they anticipate moving forward with multiple pilot projects “within a few months”, after which they expect to proceed to a commercialization phase of their joint solution.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)