Precise Biometrics Expands Liveness Detection Licensing Partnership With Crossmatch

Precise Biometrics has expanded its licensing partnership with Crossmatch, allowing the latter to continue to use Precise BioLive liveness detection technology in its four-finger biometric scanners, and to now bring it to single-fingerprint scanners as well.Precise Biometrics Expands Liveness Detection Licensing Partnership With Crossmatch

The licensing arrangement came to Precise Biometrics by way of its acquisition of NexID Biometrics in early 2017. NexID specialized in such anti-spoofing technology for fingerprint recognition systems, and its solution evidently proved to be of strong interest to Crossmatch before it caught Precise Biometrics’ attention.

In a statement announcing the renewed agreement, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson explained, “The demand for more secure fingerprint solutions that tackles fraud are increasing,” adding, “We are pleased to expand the cooperation with Crossmatch beyond the existing relationship for livescan anti-spoof technology.”

The expanded partnership points to the continuing, and maybe even escalating, importance of Precise Biometrics mobile business even as the company seeks to bring its biometric software into new applications such as biometric payment cards.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)